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Horse Betting: What are the most important horse races in the world?

The most important and probably most famous horse race in Europe, the races at Ascot. Since the 18th Century will find the annual Royal Ascot, horse racing instead. Nevertheless, not only the individual splendour horses are the focus here. See and be seen by the motto, not only want to be around animals and admired, but some viewers. In Siena, for example, is the shortest of the horse racing world held.

The speech is of course the Palio di Siena. Despite the short “race time”, this is one of the hardest races Renne horses in equestrian sports. In the UK, Newmarket Heath is known where the race „The Two Thousand Guineas Stakes “takes place. In the U.S., Churchill Downs, known worldwide, since the annual famous Kentucky Derby takes place, which is also one of the most famous horse race in the world.

The Kentucky Derby is a special race for three year old thoroughbred and has gone on for about the 1875th Also should the Breeders Cup horse race every fan know the concept. The Breeders Cup is the most lucrative American series of about 15 horse race. He is since 1984, hosted by the Breeders’ Cup Limited at various racecourses and includes about 25 million in prize money.

Thus, this horse race moves on a similar scale as the Dubai World Cup Night Series. The Dubai World Cup is already just because of its high prize money of approximately 10 million to the top horse racing world. Here, everyone really wants to win now. In addition, here is a very special horse race is held, in which it is necessary to overcome a distance of 160 kilometers.

In Germany certainly is Baden-Baden, the most important or most famous racetrack, which is also widely known internationally. This is a horse race track, held on the above all three times in big races, enjoying worldwide fame. Once the “Spring Meet”,”Great Week”and the “Sales & Racing Festival”.

Also important in Germany is Berlin as a location. Firstly, in Karl Horst, but also in Mariendorf. Both are trotting tracks. In Berlin-Marie village for over 100 years, trotting races are held. Dortmund has one of the biggest horse race tracks from all over Germany, which is where the races are always something special. Also interesting is the path to gallop in Dusseldorf, which is not easy to ride, because there are differences in height on the track.

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